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A hands-on 8-week course that guides you through the entire process for successfully selecting and purchasing your first rental property so you can create more monthly income (and protect it from taxes) right away.

(Yes, even in the middle of a global pandemic that’s turned life as we know it and the economy upside down.)

Zero to Freedom reopens in December.
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“Is this really the best time to start a new investing strategy?”

It’s a fair question. (Let’s just cut right to the COVID-19 chase, shall we?) 

Normal life has been placed on indefinite hold. Face masks are being required for everyone in public. Panic buying has meant that supermarket shelves continue to be devoid of toilet paper and disinfectant wipes. 

And for us physicians, the coronavirus pandemic is an all-out war.

We’re on the front lines, providing care to people with a novel virus that’s highly contagious and not well-understood. 

The medical community has battled pandemics, plagues, and pestilence before. That’s our job; that’s the oath we took. Disease is our enemy and we fight it.

There’s just one problem: this war is different. 

Because this time, you’re expected to win—even if you have no support.

So the only ‘asset’ on your mind...

is the PPE you need to stay safe, because treating COVID is expensive, and they still need to turn a profit, even if it’s on your back.

So the only ‘asset’ on your mind...

is the PPE you need to stay safe, because treating COVID is expensive, and they still need to turn a profit, even if it’s on your back.

The only ‘deals’ you want to make...

are ones that keep your family safe: instead of hugging everyone when you get home, you touch them as little as possible. Instead of walking through the front door, you strip off your contaminated scrubs in the garage and then shower with chlorhexidine before you even say hello. At night, you sleep in a different room.

Because you don’t want to have to think about the unthinkable.

The only ‘downturn’ you want to see...

is in the number of new cases of the illness...but instead it’s the economy that’s falling. So your retirement accounts have lost significant money. Your hospital may have even cut your salary (while requiring you to work additional hours), or the private practice you work for may have been forced to close. Your personal finances are hurting.

Because you thought you’d always be able to depend on your doctor’s salary.

COVID-19 has revealed the flaw in the medical system that’s killing you

Your employer gets to play by a different set of rules than you. 

You took a sacred oath to protect human life. 

But the guys in the suits?

They just took a job.

(Let that sink in for a minute.)

The playing field is unequal by design...and your employers want to keep it that way. 

As long as they make the rules, they “win.” 

If they want you to work more shifts and cut your pay? They can.

If they decide to furlough you, to save money? They can. 

If they’ll ration and withhold the PPE you need so they can still turn a profit? They can...and they are.

You went into medicine to help people.

Not to be a cog in someone’s endless hamster wheel of profits.

It couldn’t be any clearer: you need another reliable source of income...because your clinical income is not secure


During this time of crisis, it’s tempting to want to do what everyone else is doing: hunkering down in fear. Hiding. Hoarding your money. It sure seems like the safe thing to do, right?

But if you’re here, there’s something we know about you: 


You’re someone who never plays it safe when you can play it smart.


Even before COVID-19, you saw what was happening to the medical profession: the goal shifted away from providing patient care toward being able to bill for as many patient encounters as possible in a day. For you, that meant working longer hours and more shifts...and less time for yourself and your family.

You knew something had to give and now it has.


This is your opportunity. Now is your chance.

It’s time to build another source of significant, reliable income. 

One that doesn’t come from your job.

So “Is this really the best time to start a new investing strategy?”

You better believe it is.


Playing it smart means using this time of quarantine to start getting serious about achieving financial freedom, AKA, you’re no longer dependent on your job to provide the money you need for you and your family to survive.

Playing it smart also means challenging the idea that financial freedom only comes when you retire. So you should also learn about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). Yes, you can really do that. You can become financially free while you’re still young enough to enjoy it! 

You just need a significant, reliable source of income that doesn’t require you to work 60 hours a week. Does such a thing really exist? It does.

And it’s called: real estate investing.

Playing it smart means taking advantage of this strategy and putting it to work for you.

Fact: Investing in real estate can bring in returns of 25% or more per year


You read that right. Those returns come through a combination of tax-free cashflow, debt pay down by your renters, market and forced appreciation, and tax savings. 

No matter how you slice it, the returns you get through the stock market don’t even come close, and they take decades to give you results.

Do you really want to wait 20 or 30 years to be able to enjoy your life?

We don’t think anyone should have to wait that long to get financially free.

Most real estate investing courses were not designed for people like us

Most real estate investing courses were designed for people who don’t have the income and savings to qualify for loans. 

As a high-income earner, you don’t need to worry about that. So why pay for information you don’t need?

What you do need is information about how to make money from real estate without having to give most of it to Uncle Sam (AKA, end up having to pay more taxes), in a way that mitigates risk and keeps you financially protected.

That’s why we created a unique real estate investment system that combines a multifamily investment strategy with a tax-saving plan.

Because if you do it right, you can create that additional significant, reliable source of income and a tax shelter that protects your real estate income...and sometimes your clinical income, too.

That’s right. In less than 5 years, we ourselves were able to replace our combined salaries (through a combination of tax-free cashflow, debt paydown, and tax savings).


 Learn everything you need to know about building a real estate portfolio that brings in the benefits (and Benjamins!) of steady income and massive tax breaks in just 8 weeks

Zero to Freedom is an incubator program for physicians and high-income professionals that guides you, start to finish, through the entire process of finding, selecting, and ultimately purchasing your first rental you start increasing your monthly revenue and protecting your 2020 income from taxes right away.

This is an action-based class. There’s no theory, philosophy, or lofty ideas to contemplate and formulate hypotheses about that you can later trot out to impress (read it: bore) people at dinner parties.

Instead, we show you how to piece every single part together so you can make the most amount of money in the shortest period of time.


During our class you’ll make progress each week:

• Learn how to choose the right market so you can actually earn cashflow and mitigate risk because you’re buying the right properties (the wrong market will slow your growth considerably and cost you in a downturn).

• Get connected to trustworthy investment, finance, and real estate partners so you can build the team you’ll need to make this happen.

• Shelter your clinical income from taxes when you learn how to leverage the right tax strategies.

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See what the star alums from our first and second cohorts have accomplished.

This could be you!


Zero to Freedom gets results.

The students from our first two classes have already purchased several hundred units combined.

  • Gretchen started the class with 0 properties. Since then, she’s bought 40 units. 
  • Matt and Jess also started the class with 0 properties and now own 28 units. 
  • Duncan and Sarah bought 2 duplexes.
  • Mike and Christina put in 8 offers during the course, and purchased 4 of them. She’s put herself on the fast track to achieving Real Estate Professional Status (REPS) with a plan to shelter 100% of her income for 2020. 
  • In fact, Christina and several other students have used what they learned in the course to venture into niches such as AirBnB rentals in addition to owning bread-and-butter, multifamily cashflowing rentals.
  • Vincent was an experienced investor, but thanks to the class he purchased 7 more doors in 2 new markets. He was also able to use what he learned to increase the cashflow of the properties he already had, and harvested even more tax savings.
  • Jane knew nothing about real estate when she started the course. She’s since purchased 8 units.
  • Jordan and Sunny are on track to have a total of 19 units. 
  • A surprising benefit to our class came when Jessica watched our interview with an insurance agent and realized her home wasn’t covered by insurance since she had transferred it into a Trust. She took action to get the Trust covered. Then a tornado hit 3 weeks later causing $60,000 in damage, which insurance covered (and they would not have if she hadn’t added her Trust to her insurance)!

Those are just some of the truly dazzling results our students have seen just from taking our class!

The Zero to Freedom Curriculum

There are 6 modules inside Zero to Freedom. Each training component is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to become a competent and confident real estate investor.

Pre-course: Laying the Groundwork for Investing Success

As soon as you purchase Zero to Freedom, you’ll be given access to this pre-course module that gets you ready to invest for success. You’ll start setting up your real estate business by choosing an investment market, creating your business name and email addresses (which is important for tax purposes), and setting up your LLC structure(s) if you so choose. You’ll also be introduced to residential and commercial lenders.

Module 1: Identifying Your Why and Your Goals

Module 1 is about laying a strong foundation for real estate investing. The foundational elements include knowing your “why” for investing in real estate, establishing clear goals, and identifying your inner obstacles and fears so you can overcome them. We know from experience that it’s absolutely essential to do this work if you want to succeed in investing—which is why we set aside time to do it together as a group.

We wrap up this first module by giving you a high-level overview of our proprietary cash-on-cash (COC) calculator. Understanding COC return is critical for making good investment decisions. We’ll do this analysis weekly so you can understand the many layers behind this simple yet powerful analysis.

Module 2: The One Strategy

Module 2 is about learning the only strategy you’ll need to be a successful real estate investor: the Core Acquisition Strategy. There are other, more advanced strategies, but until you master the Core Acquisition Strategy, you simply won’t be able to succeed with the others.

All of our properties were purchased using this strategy, and we’ve used it to build our real estate portfolio and grow our cashflow quickly. That’s how we know it works. Period.

You’ll also start building your real estate investing team by connecting with lenders and insurance brokers in our network. Of course, you’re free to find your own. But these are the people and companies we know and trust to help us with our deals.

Module 3: Build Your Team and Learn Your Market

During Module 3 you’ll continue to build out your team. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of having the right team in place. Most people fail (and sometimes, lose everything they’ve invested) simply because they had the wrong people on their team.

This week we’ll show you how to identify and select a property manager and a contractor. We’ll also give you a game plan for learning the details of your market. The better you know your market, the more likely you are to make educated and informed investment decisions.

Module 4: Create a Deal Funnel 

The truth is, you have to see a lot of real estate deals before you can find a good one. Many people don’t have enough deals coming their way. That means they grab whatever they can get—which is a strategy that’s destined to fail.

Module 4 is about creating a reliable and steady source of real estate deals so now and in the future, you have access to great investment opportunities. This is when you add what’s known as investor agents to your team. We’ll be blunt: it’s hard to get access to great investor agents by yourself. We’ll make introductions to our exclusive list of investor agents, which will save you lots of time and stress trying to find one yourself.

Module 5: How to Find Deals and "Lock It Up"

Module 5 is about the other half of creating a deal funnel: finding those good investment deals on your own. In fact we’ve found over ¼ of our properties ourselves by using the strategies we teach. In this module, we show you which apps and online resources we personally use to evaluate deals and how to use them. 

Whether you’re finding your own deals or evaluating deals brought to you by your agents, you absolutely need to understand how to accurately evaluate them and find what we call “hidden value” so you can really make your rentals cashflow! 

You’ll also learn how to “lock up” a deal. “Lock it up” is a critical strategy for buying investment properties. Many new investors don’t understand this step because they’ve only been through the purchase process of buying their own home. The result? They treat buying an investment property the same way—and lose out on countless great deals because of it.

Module 6: Due Diligence

Once you’ve locked up a property and have a purchase and sale agreement, you only have a few weeks to do your due diligence: an inspection, a contractor walk-through, getting your property manager on board, etc. 

In Module 6 you’ll learn how to do that so you can negotiate the best price for buying the property and most importantly, reduce your risk by understanding the potential landmines that can blow up a deal.

You also get access to:

Are you ready?

  • A special bonus module covering real estate professional tax status (REPS)! Achieving REPS is the secret to harvesting the killer tax loopholes that turbocharge your growth and get you to financial freedom faster.
  • Our exclusive nationwide network of more than 80 experienced investor agents. Investor agents are hard to find. We will save you hundreds of hours searching for knowledgeable agents who can bring you off-market deals. 
  • Our network of trusted financial people: lenders, tax accountants, and asset managers. These are the people we worked with ourselves to achieve financial freedom in less than 5 years.
  • An exclusive, members-only Facebook group where you can connect with other high-income investors who will act as accountability partners with whom you can share advice and experiences to help you navigate the inevitable (yet manageable) obstacles that pop up along the way.
  • Free 30-day access to Empire Builders, our membership site where you can continue your education and have access to our support after you’ve completed Zero to Freedom. Empire Builders is currently only open to students who have taken our course. 
  • Bonus worksheets, interview guides, and more. These are the resources that will help you get clarity and build your confidence along the way.

By the end of the course, you will:

Know the difference between a good investment property and a bad one—so you can make sound investment decisions.

✔ Understand how to check and verify the numbers so you can account for market rents, property management costs, vacancy rates, rehab costs, and more—so you can accurately pre-determine your cashflow and decide if you want to move forward with a purchase.

✔ Have the right team in place—so they can help ensure your properties are making money for you.

✔ Get access to investor agents who will bring you good on- and off-market deals—so you don’t always have to search for them yourself.

✔ Be able to implement key tax strategies—so you can reap great savings and in some cases, pay zero in income taxes.

Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence you need to know what in the heck you’re doing.

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The Zero to Freedom Guarantee 

Zero to Freedom gets results. We’ve seen students make significant progress toward investing in real estate and even begin purchasing properties before the course was finished. We also know how much this has allowed them to transform their lives. We don’t just believe, we know that this is possible for you as well.

We guarantee that you’ll make more progress in real estate investing in the first 3 weeks of the course than you have in the past year or your money back. 

To be clear: if you get halfway through Zero to Freedom and haven’t gained more actionable information and confidence about real estate investing, and made significant connections with the team who will actually help you be successful—than you did in the entire last year—we’ll issue you a refund.

Meet the semi-retired physicians who said hello to real estate and playing it smart...and now we’re teaching everything we know to you.

Hi, we’re Kenji Asakura MD and Letizia Alto MD.

About 6 years ago, we were newlyweds who were working as full-time hospitalists.

We began our medical journeys separately: Kenji went to the University of Pennsylvania for undergrad, and Johns Hopkins University for medical school; Letizia went to Hamilton College for undergrad, and the University of Vermont for medical school. But we met in Seattle at Swedish Hospital.

Despite having worked for several years already, we had very little savings. And our work schedules meant sometimes, we barely saw each other. 

We were on a treadmill, getting nowhere fast. But we desperately wanted to take back our power and freedom—and reclaim ownership of our time.

So we asked ourselves:

 What could our future look like, if there were no limitations?

 How would we spend our time?

 Who would we spend that time with?

We were excited by the possibilities before us. But we quickly realized our hospitalist positions would never help us achieve our dreams while we were still young.

That was the hitch: we didn’t want to wait. Those other tried-and-true strategies of saving money aggressively, working even more shifts, and pouring our money into stock market accounts would get us to financial 20+ years.

Instead, we decided we’d achieve financial freedom in less than 5 years.

In reality? We did it even faster than that.

How did we do that?

We bought small multi-family properties with “hidden value” at the right price and made them cashflow significant amounts while taking advantage of real estate professional tax status.

(Not sure what those words mean? Don’t worry, you will soon. Because we know you’ll want to enroll in our course.)

As the cash flowed in, we started to make significant changes to our lives.

  • Kenji left his hospitalist position, and pivoted toward managing our real estate portfolio.​
  • Leti still wanted to work as a physician…but she cut back to part-time, and now enjoys her clinical work more than she did before. (Yes, you can still practice medicine if you want to! But you can do it on your own terms. *Ahhh.*)
  • We’ve replaced our combined income through a combination of tax-free cashflow, tax savings, and debt paydown that come from the 61 units we own.
  • We get to travel so much more, and we bring our children. Our 4-year-old has been to 26 states and 23 countries. Our 19-month-old has been to 12 states and 12 countries.

Is Zero to Freedom right for you?

It IS right for you if:

  • You’re a leader who recognizes opportunities to improve your life...and seizes them.
  • You're motivated to cut back or quit your job in the next 5 years (or less).
  • The idea of paying very little (or even zero) taxes makes you swoon.
  • You love real estate...or, you're open to learning to love real estate because it’s the only way to achieve financial freedom quickly.
  • You’re open to the idea of becoming an entrepreneur who does work to run an investment business.
  • Someone in your family is a stay-at-home parent OR works part-time, so they have time to work on your business.
  • You’re someone who doesn’t quit when inevitable challenges arise.

It is NOT right for you if:

  • You would prefer to keep working full-time as a physician indefinitely.
  • You’re not interested in achieving financial freedom quickly.
  • The idea of trying something completely different to generate income sounds boring/uninteresting, or on the flip side, too risky/terrifying.
  • You don’t really want to run a business. (That whole entrepreneurship thing just isn't for you.)
  • You prefer the comfort and safety (although, as we’re learning thanks to COVID-19, it’s not really all that safe anymore) of being a W-2 employee.
  • You don’t mind (or even possibly enjoy) paying a significant amount of your salary in taxes.
  • Challenges completely overwhelm you and you struggle to bounce back.

Zero to Freedom works. But don’t take our word for it.

Hear what our students have to say.

Jane Y.

"I knew NOTHING about real estate investing prior to the course, but within a month I closed on three investment properties and am actively looking to add more properties to my growing portfolio!"

Cheryl Z.

"You changed our lives by creating this class and passing along your real estate knowledge. You said it was a pleasure in your last video to teach this class, but I think the pleasure was ours!"

Gretchen G.

"I never imagined it was possible, but the course enabled me to progress from no knowledge about real estate investing to placing an offer on an investment property in under 3 months."

Duncan M.

"The practical, comprehensive and interactive nature of the course meant that, even before it was over, we had made offers on two investment properties both of which we now own.”

Shu U.

“We were so nervous about investing when we first started, but with Leti and Kenji’s teaching and guidance, we feel so much more confident and are now going into our third purchase!”

Alin S.

“With Leti and Kenji’s coaching, in just eight months, we grew our rental portfolio to 22 units. We wouldn’t be where we are without their expert guidance.”

Student Testimonials

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8 Reasons Why the Economic Downturn Should Not  Stop You

Maybe you’re sold on the idea of creating another revenue stream...but not so sure you should part with so much cash when the economy is down. What if your properties lose value? What if your tenants can’t pay their rents? 

Those are valid concerns. And here are 8 reasons why we think it’s worth the risk.

1. The truth is, there will always be a downturn happening or on the horizon.

That’s the nature of capitalism. Even if you don’t invest, you’re participating in that system and the ups and downs will affect you and your life no matter what. You need to learn how to thrive in good and challenging times.

2. You want to be ready for the eventual upturn.

Do you want to miss the good deals that will become available during this downturn? No. This is your opportunity to get the knowledge you need and set up your investing team so you can jump on them. Contrary to what you might think—downturns are when wealth is made.

3. Sure, your renters might struggle to pay their the short term.

But this is a long-term game. In the long term, the economy will bounce back, your renters will catch up on rent, and there will be rent appreciation. Don’t be short-sighted!

4. Hard truth: downturns create more renters.

Unfortunately, people will lose their homes during a downturn. But they’ll still need a place to live. If you think about it, you’ll actually be helping people during a difficult time.

5. In Zero to Freedom we teach you a recession-resistant investing strategy.

We focus on B/C-class multifamily properties that tend to remain stable—and even gain value—in downturns.

6. The CARES Act has actually sweetened the tax incentives available for real estate investors.

Net loss carryback rules, for example, mean you can apply those paper losses from 2020 to shelter your 2019 income (if you get serious about investing in real estate this year). Yes, this means you can actually get a check back from the government for 2019 taxes!

7. Believe it or not, the stock market is still over-inflated (in our opinion)...which means there are even more losses to come.

Under the CARES Act, you can now withdraw retirement money to invest in real estate if you meet certain criteria. Wouldn’t it be nice to diversify and hedge against future stock market losses?

8. Let’s face it, there’s only so much Netflix you can watch before getting bored.

Since you can’t do much in your downtime anyway, why not learn a new skill that could have some big payoffs?

It’s time to secure the killer cashflowing properties that will help you reach your long-term goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, there are alternatives to taking our class.

You don’t have to enroll in Zero to Freedom in order to achieve financial freedom. Instead, you could:

  • Do it for “free” (and spend maybe 10-20 years doing the wrong things): There is no end to the number of blog posts, books, and other information you can read to learn how to do this yourself. If you have the time to spend, more power to you. But we can guarantee you will make mistakes along the way, and they’ll be costly: for example, if you buy the wrong duplex, it could cost you $200,000 (or more).
  • Take a different real estate course ($30,000 or more): Like we said, there are plenty of other real estate courses out there. They may even suck you in with a free seminar. But, surprise! There’s a sales pitch at the end, with a required investment of $30,000 or more…did we mention how much time you’ll spend learning information that doesn’t apply to a high-income earner like you?
  • Keep plugging away with stock market investing (and lose 7300 days of your life): Again, this strategy works, but it will take 20+ years to see it pay off. How old will you be by the time you achieve financial freedom? And are you really willing to push everyone and everything you care about into the corners of those 7300 days?

Or, you could take Zero to Freedom for only three payments of $797 (total: $2391)and have the chance to achieve financial freedom in less than 5 years, without spending a dime more than you have to.

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Ultimately, this isn’t just about financial freedom.
This is about TIME freedom.

Time is the only thing you can truly never get more of. Once time is gone, it’s gone forever.

Do you want to spend your waking hours at a job? Or do you want to have that time for yourself, your family, and all of the things this world and this life have to offer?