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Like practicing medicine, real estate investing is not “set it and forget it.” Things change and there’s always more to learn. So we’ve gathered together these links to help you with your ongoing real estate investing education.

Rich Doc Poor Doc Podcast

Our podcast digs deep into the mindset, habits, and strategies that separate rich doctors from poor doctors. Listen and subscribe to learn how to be the rich doctor—and how not to be the poor doctor.

Our Blog

Semi-Retired MD began as a blog—so you can find several years’ worth of in-depth content here. We cover investing strategies, share insights from our own real estate portfolio, growing your cashflow, and more.

Fast FIRE Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors (Course)

Our bookkeeping course will teach you how to set up your books the right way for tax time—and then how to unlock the insights that help you turbocharge your cashflow. Because bookkeeping is a powerful business growth tool, if you do it right.

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