The 2021 Fast FIRE to Freedom Summit has ended—but you can watch the replay!

Did you miss the Summit? Don’t worry, all of the Summit content is now available for purchase. Get lifetime access to all of the videos. Whether you want to binge-watch, rewatch, or just watch—you can do so at your own pace and on your own time.

You’ll hear countless insights and learning pearls from 25+ doctor investors and their spouses about how investing in real estate has accelerated their journeys to FIRE (financial independence, retire early) freedom!

If you’re a doctor who’s curious about investing in real estate, the Summit videos could be just what you need to figure out if it’s the right fit for you.

Get their valuable tips and insights!

For these doctor investors and their families, the journey to financial freedom has meant:

✓ More time to travel. 
✓ More time with family and friends. 
✓ Peace of mind that they’ll have steady income.
✓ Greater freedom to practice medicine in a way that feels good to them.

This Summit only happens once a year, but you can have the content for a lifetime! 

Featuring 25+ doctors and their spouses, sharing their real investment stories.

Do you remember, “see one, do one” from residency?

That’s the principle we’re applying here. 


If you are:

  • Not sure if real estate investing is right for you? Our doctor investors and their spouses were once like you—unsure of whether to take the plunge into this type of investing. Then they discovered just how doable it really is. 
  • Eager to pay less taxes? You’ll hear real-life examples of doctors who saved six figures in taxes using real estate investments.
  • Curious how real people grow real estate portfolios big enough to replace their job income? Get majorly inspired by the doctors who are forcing $$$$$$ of appreciation, rolling over properties into bigger ones, and using strategies that let them increase their equity without spending any of their own money.
  • Torn between investing in long-term versus short-term rentals? Our speakers invest in both—and you’ll learn how they use both types of rentals to maximize their cashflow and savings.
  • In need of some encouragement and motivation to get started (or keep going)? Connect with like-minded doctors and their families in a supportive community who can help you on your journey.

The summit doesn't just cover the rosy success stories, either.

Sure, you’ll hear from the doctor who negotiated $200,000 off her first deal...but you’ll also hear about some of the challenges our speakers have faced, such as needing to evict tenants, COVID-related rehab delays, and the curious finds some of them have made in basements and attics. 


Who is the Fast FIRE to Freedom Summit for?

Doctors and their Spouses!

This summit is right for doctors, their spouses and partners, and their families who:

🏡 Are newer to real estate than a med student doing her first H&P...but intrigued by the potential financial benefits of real estate investing

🏡 Have a property or two...but want to go and grow bigger—faster

🏡 Love the idea of real estate investing...and want to build connections with other doctor investors who have their eyes set on financial freedom (while they’re still young enough to enjoy it!) 

🏡 Are paying too much in taxes...and are looking for ways to ease (and even eliminate) their income tax burden

🏡 Want a source of income that’s not tied to their salary….and want to diversify beyond investing in the stock market and funding their 401ks

🏡 Just want to hear real stories by real people at a conference—for once!

Meet Your Summit Organizers, Letizia Alto MD and Kenji Asakura MD

Hi, we’re Letizia and Kenji! Several years ago, we were newlyweds working as full-time hospitalists. Despite our high income, we had very little savings...and even though we worked 60+ hours a week, we weren’t getting ahead financially–and sometimes we barely saw each other.

We were determined to take back our freedom and time. Without sacrificing our income.

That’s when we discovered the strategy that would get us to financial freedom in less than 5 years: investing in cashflowing rentals.



Fast forward to today, where we have:

Grown a significant source of non-clinical income through a combination of tax-free cashflow, tax savings, and debt paydown that come from the 86 units (and counting!) we own.

Created the life of our dreams where we continue to grow our wealth through our real estate portfolio, travel as much as we want, and advance the mission that’s close to our hearts: helping fellow physicians like you achieve the same level of freedom that we have by investing in real estate!

Helped thousands of physicians learn how to invest in real estate through our best-selling course, Zero to Freedom Through Cashflowing Rentals, at Semi-Retired MD.

We organized this inaugural Fast FIRE to Freedom Summit because we had a vision for a different type of conference about real estate investing—one where doctors and their families can hear from colleagues and peers, not experts or speakers who are light years ahead of them. 

The Summit was created by doctors, for doctors. It’s a true meeting of the minds of trailblazing doctor real estate investors who are providing inspiration, community, support, and education to each other.

Will you join us?

Meet Our Speakers

Click here for the Summit Agenda
Click here for the Summit Agenda

Discover why investing in cashflowing rentals is one of the best ways to achieve Fast FIRE

Get lifetime access to our Summit content! Watch the conference videos at any time.


  • Lifetime access to the 25+ doctor presentations. Watch and rewatch on your own time!
  • Q&A sessions with real estate experts and best-selling authors Tom Wheelwright, who’s a Rich Dad Advisor®, and Amanda Han and Matthew MacFarland of Keystone CPA, Inc.
  • Exclusive VIP Q&A Session about achieving Fast FIRE with cashflowing rentals with the Founders of Semi-Retired MD, Leti and Kenji
  • Before and After Property Transformations

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