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  • Introduce you to the Fast FIRE system, our proprietary framework for achieving the financial independence that can give you peace of mind about your family’s finances.
  • Give you an insider’s sneak peek into our real estate you get a glimpse into the kind of mind-boggling returns you can accomplish.
  • Help you figure out if real estate investing is right for you and your family, period.

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We’re Kenji Asakura, MD and Letizia Alto, MD. Several years ago, we were newlyweds working as full-time hospitalists. On paper, we had everything: prestigious careers, a happy marriage, a luxurious home, etc.

But in reality? Despite our high income, we weren’t getting ahead financially. And working 60+ hours a week meant sometimes, we barely saw each other. We were making big sacrifices in terms of our time...and had little to show for it. 

We knew the only way to flip this grim script was to achieve FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) while we were still young enough to enjoy it and each other..

That’s the problem with traditional financial strategies (IRAs, pouring money into stock market accounts, etc.). They take 20+ years to pay off.

We just didn’t want to wait that long to be financially free.

That’s when we discovered the strategy that would get us to financial freedom in less than 5 years: investing in cashflowing rentals.

...through a combination of tax-free cashflow, debt pay down by your renters, market and forced appreciation, and tax savings.

The returns you get through the stock market don’t even come close, and they take decades to give you results. Do you really want to wait that long to provide your family with financial security?

Discover the simple system for protecting you and your family financially.

Take our Crash Course in Cashflowing Rentals.


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