A hands-on, 7-week course that guides you through the entire process for successfully selecting and purchasing your first rental property so you can create more monthly income (and protect it from taxes) right away.



(Zero to Freedom is offered twice per year in the Winter & Summer.)


Zero to Freedom is an incubator program for physicians and high-income professionals that guides you, start to finish, through the entire process of finding, selecting, and ultimately purchasing your first rental property.

The program was designed to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to become a smart, savvy real estate investor by teaching you a step-by-step process for real estate investing. We cover topics such as mindset, investment strategy, building a team, the buying process, and due diligence. 

This is an action-based class. There’s no theory or philosophy. Instead, we show you how to piece every single part together so you can make the most amount of money in the shortest period of time.


Meet the Zero to Freedom Course Instructors

Hi, we’re Letizia Alto MD and Kenji Asakura MD of Semi-Retired MD! Nice to meet you.

Several years ago, we were newlyweds working as full-time hospitalists. On paper, it looked like we had everything: the prestigious careers, the happy marriage, the luxurious rental home, the cars, etc.

But in reality? Despite having worked for several years, we had very little savings. Despite our high income, we had very little freedom in terms of time or money. Despite working 60+ hours a week, we weren’t getting ahead financially—and sometimes we barely saw each other.

So we set out to achieve financial freedom in less than 5 years...and we ended up doing it faster than that. 

How? We bought small multi-family properties with “hidden value” at the right price and made them cashflow significant amounts while taking advantage of Real Estate Professional Status (REPS).

We’ve replaced our combined income through a combination of tax-free cashflow, tax savings, and debt paydown that come from the 86 units we own.

Now we teach other physicians and high-income professionals the steps of using this strategy so you too can achieve financial freedom sooner rather than later.

When does Zero to Freedom start?


The upcoming Zero to Freedom course will be open for enrollment end of January 2023. 

The course is open for enrollment twice a year—typically in the Winter and Summer. We recommend joining our waitlist so you can be notified immediately when the course is open for enrollment.

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